South West Kettering

           (Headlands Community)

             Neighbourhood Plan


Documents are arranged in four separate groups and each of the headers is a link to its relevant information store.

Planning contains a series of links to government and local government websites where you can discover how the whole initiative originated, its purpose and the extent to which it has already grown.  It contains too, links to other local Neighbourhood Plan websites, though no others so far in Kettering.  We are the first.

The Forum contains all the official documentation relating to our forum, minutes and other business records including liaison with Kettering Borough Council.

Current Documents is where you will find the project plan, information on consultations and any other relevant information relating to the progress we make together in developing our Neighbourhood Plan.

Archive is where old documents which no longer relate to what's going on 'now' will be stored.  You will still be able to get at them whenever you want.

If you would like to get involved with the Forum and development of your Neighbourhood Plan, or would just like to offer your thoughts on such, please email us at  You can also contact us in writing, marking your letters f.a.o. Neighbourhood Plan, at 2, Cranleigh Road, Kettering, NN15 6QA.