South West Kettering

           (Headlands Community)

             Neighbourhood Plan

Quick Summary

A neighbourhood forum is a group of residents and people who work locally, which is

generally representative of all the people who live there, and is formally recognised by the

local council as a properly established body who’s views must be taken into consideration

on local planning matters.

Everybody who lives and who works in this neighbourhood can become a member of the

forum.  It is free to join.  If you attended the initial public meeting in March  2015 you will already be a member. If not simply subscribe on-line to our mailing list. If you have not got an email address just drop a note into the address at the bottom of this page with your name and address. All members on the mailing list will receive advance notice of developments and any additions to the web-site.

Some residents may not want to join the forum but still might harbour some

anxiety over issues being discussed without their involvement but which could affect the

environment in which they live.  No problem; this website is open access so everyone can

visit it whenever they choose, to see exactly what is happening.

Each of these pages also includes the invitation, whether forum member or not, to send in your views on particular issues under consideration, or on issues you feel strongly about but which have not yet appeared on the agenda.

The forum committee will in any case periodically deliver to each household,  

business and institution in our designated neighbourhood an update on its activities.

If you would like to get involved with the Forum and development of your Neighbourhood Plan, or would just like to offer your thoughts on such, please email us at  You can also contact us in writing, marking your letters f.a.o. Neighbourhood Plan, at 2, Cranleigh Road, Kettering, NN15 6QA.