South West Kettering

           (Headlands Community)

             Neighbourhood Plan

What's happening

What’s happening ……..March 2017

Consolidated summary of feedback from the two Public Meetings held in January 2016 and 2017 and meetings with local businesses, schools and institutions.

The very lively Public Meeting on January 15th. 2017 concentrated on getting the views of residents on the type of developments of land and buildings that they would like to see in the area.  This is the core issue for Neighbourhood Plans.  The discussions included consideration of the desirable balance between residential and business developments, the importance of retaining attractive streetscapes and gardens, the relative proportions of houses to flats, the desirability of maintaining a good mix of young families, single households and older residents in a supportive community, and ensuring that where existing buildings are modified or new buildings are put up they should be of good quality and complement and enhance their surroundings.

The Management Committee has now consolidated the outcomes of this second public meeting  with the output from the first meeting, and incorporated the views of local businesses, schools and institutions to create a comprehensive overview of the issues identified by residents and those who work in the area.  The summary report can be viewed here.  The detailed appendices are also available from the Current Documents page of the web site.

Next steps: All residents and businesses, schools and institutions in the locality will have a postcard delivered to let them know that this summary report is available through the web site, and inviting them to make any further comments if they feel that something that they think is important has not been covered in the report.

The report will be used as the basis for the development of the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, which will need to fit into the official format that is required by the Planning System.  This will need to be prepared by a Planning expert.  The Management Committee is now drafting an application for funding to search for and appoint the necessary technical expertise to carry out this work.

What’s happening………..January 2017

Second Public Meeting  Sunday, 15th.  January 2017 at St Michael’s Church, Garfield Street. 2:00pm

Update on Neighbourhood Plan

Discussion Groups on desirable developments for the area


Next steps

What's happening, .... June 2016

Update on 'behind the scenes' work

At present the Management Committee are focusing on three streams of work

- Consulting those who run businesses and work in the area on the principles of planning

- Reading through all the other planning documents such as the KBC Local plan to see how they affect our area

- Refining the input from our January meeting

If you have any questions please email and we will see if we can answer them!

What's happening, .... January 2016

First Public Meeting Sunday, 17th.  January 2016 at St Michael’s Church, Garfield Street. 2:00pm

Brief Presentation on Neighbourhood Planning-

Identification of the major Issues for this Area


Summary of main issues

Next steps

Website and communication strategy.

This website will be the major communication resource for the Plan.

We are inviting everyone in the area to sign up to get regular notifications and invitations to participate in various task groups and projects. Information on these will appear on the web site and by subscribing on-line to our mailing list you will know that there is something new happening.

Project plan

The working committee is developing the project plan with milestones for delivery of each part which will be regularly updated on the web site.

Liaison with Kettering Borough Council

Members of the Committee have met once informally with the liaison planning officer in December 2015  to date.

Grants, and Technical and Professional Support.

To date we have had an initial grant of £2,000 from KBC to help with the initial setting up costs. There are also grants available, to cover the costs of professional involvement where needed. These will be applied for as required.


If you would like to get involved with the Forum and development of your Neighbourhood Plan, or would just like to offer your thoughts on such, please email us at  You can also contact us in writing, marking your letters f.a.o. Neighbourhood Plan, at 2, Cranleigh Road, Kettering, NN15 6QA.