South West Kettering

           (Headlands Community)

             Neighbourhood Plan

Why get involved?

What would happen without a neighbourhood forum?

The Planning Department of Kettering Borough Council would continue to apply established planning principles and guidelines.  Our awareness of developments would continue to depend on our keeping ourselves informed,  and our opportunities to object,  request change,  or even endorse plans for change will remain as they are (e.g. responding to public notifications,  lobbying our Council representatives,  etc.).  We would continue to react as individuals and usually over things which have direct impact on our own personal contentment.

What will happen with a neighbourhood forum!

We will develop and agree with the Council a Neighbourhood Plan setting out for example

the constraints on developments which we would prefer to see in place,  and the priorities

we would like to see given to other initiatives.  The plan would be a reflection of the wishes

of the residents as a whole.

In effect,  we would no longer be reacting as individuals.  We would become a far more

proactive group of residents,  operating in collaboration with the Council

                                                                                        …. and in advance of change!

If you would like to get involved with the Forum and development of your Neighbourhood Plan, or would just like to offer your thoughts on such, please email us at  You can also contact us in writing, marking your letters f.a.o. Neighbourhood Plan, at 2, Cranleigh Road, Kettering, NN15 6QA.